I have been in EF for 5years, it is Ring who accompanied me during these 5years. Ring is  with me in each test and new course. I can remember that everything was new for me, new environment, new teachers. It was Ring who led me to a classroom and met my new classmates. Five years passed quickly, I became a student who can communicate with foreigners from a student who could just speak a little English. I love EF.

我在EF学了五年,这五年来陪伴着我前进的是Ring老师。每一次考试,每一次上新课程都是在Ring老师的伴随下向前冲。还记得,我刚来到EF时,新环境、新老师,一片陌生,就是Ring老师把我带进了一间教室,遇到了新同学。五年一下子就过去了,原本只会一点儿英语的我,在同学的陪同下越学越多。现在已经能和外国人对话、交流了。I love EF!