Hello everyone, please call me Andy. I have learned English in EF for many years. I am here with my little brother. I know many teachers and they know me.Last year, I felt the level was a little easy for me, because I am too smart, after test, I skipped a grade. Now, I am learning NHF course, I love the characters in this course,it has Fleet, Clora, Cooper and so on, I like Tom Thunder best.My teacher says I make a great progress this term, I finish homework on time, I focus on the lessons, I usually answer questions.Learning English in EF makes me happy, I love the teachers here, they are my friends. Let’s learn English together. I love English!

大家好,请叫我Andy.我已经在EF学了很多年了,我的弟弟也在这里学。我认识这里的很多老师,他们也认识我。去年,我觉得那个级别对我来说有点简单,因为我太聪明了。老师给我测试之后我就跳级了。我现在学习NHF的课程,我喜欢里面的人物,有Fleet,Clora,Cooper等,我最喜欢Tom Thunder了。我的老师说我这个学期进步很大,我能按时完成作业,我能认真听课,我能积极回答问题。在EF学英语让我觉得快乐。我喜欢这里的老师,他们就像我的朋友。让我们一起学英语吧!我喜欢英语!