My name is Jason, I am an old student in EF. I have been in EF for 2years, through my study in EF, I am proud of myself and really confident in English.I can speak simple spoken English without thinking. I stopped English because of some reasons, I became shy, I had a fear of English, I didn’t want to speak, and my English was worse and worse. My mom saw my changes and let me back into EF class.Ms Guo helped me to adjust the level that good for me according to my situation. My teacher Lily is patient, she always talks to me and smooths my mood, that improves my interests in English and let me be confident again. After studying in EF, I make a great progress in English,be more confident and dare to speak in class. Learning English in EF is wonderful, the education in EF is pleasant, I am sure that I will become an English talent!