Hello everyone,My name is Yu kairen. You can call me Harry. I am thirteen years old. My hobby is playing ping-pong.I have been in EF for one and a half years.My English was not good before I came to EF. But now, I am one of the best student in class. Of course, I can speak English fluently. In EF, my favorite  teacher is Kelly. Kelly is friendly and her class is active. I believe that through the study in EF I can speak English as speak Chinese someday!

大家好,我叫于凯任,英文名叫Harry. 今年13岁,我的兴趣爱好是打乒乓球。我在EF学习了一年半了,这期间收获了不少。来EF学习之前,我的英语不是很好。但是现在,我的英语成绩在班里名列前茅。当然,我也可以说一口流利的英语。在EF,我最喜欢的老师是Kelly。Kelly老师对我们学生很友好,而且她的课堂气氛很活跃。我相信通过在EF的学习,在将来的某一天,我可以像说中文一样说英语!