Hello everyone, my name is Chen Dong, I am nine years old. I am an outgoing boy. I have many hobbies, I like reading books, because books can let me learn many things.I also like playing badminton during my free time, it is funny. I like listening to music too, it can let troubles go away. I like leaning English most, I come to EF every Monday and Thursday evenings, so I can meet my favorite teachers and friends. I like English very much. This is me who has lots of hobbies, your welcome to make friends with me!

大家好!我叫陈动,今年九岁。我是一位活泼开朗的小男孩。我的兴趣广泛:喜欢看书,因为书能让我认识更多的知识,能让我在知识的海洋中遨游;闲暇时或课余时间我也喜欢打羽毛球,这是一件多么funny的事情啊!我还喜欢听音乐,没事哼哼音乐,心中烦闷的事情瞬间抛到九霄云外去了;我更喜欢学英语,喜欢每周一,四晚上的到来,这样就可以见到我喜欢的老师们和小伙伴们。I like english very much!——这就是我,一位兴趣颇多的小男生,欢迎大家和我交朋友!