Hello everyone, my name is Micky. I am 7 years old, I am an outgoing girl, I like singing, dancing and drawing. I like English, I became more and more interested in English after I came to EF. I like the study environment and teaching style in EF. I also like the foreign teacher, she is beautiful and patient, she usually plays games with us that makes me feel joyful in learning English. I hope through hard work I can speak English fluently and communicate with foreign teachers.

大家好,我叫Micky, 今年七岁了,是一位性格开朗的小女生,我喜欢唱歌跳舞还有画画。我喜欢英语,在EF的学习期间,对英语的兴趣更是越来越浓。我喜欢这里的学习环境,上课方式,也特别喜欢这里的外教老师,漂亮又有耐心,用各种各样的有趣游戏让我感受到学习英语的乐趣。我会在EF继续努力学习,希望不久的将来能够自信地说一口流利的英语和我的外教老师对话。